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A Note on the Decor of the Healing House

Here at Blazing Lotus Healing House, you will find many eclectic pieces from around the world with which we have chosen to decorate our home away from home.  Many of these pieces were shipped to the family of the owner of Blazing Lotus, Allison Stenhouse, from her grandfather Lieutenant Colonel E.C. Rogers during his travels throughout Southeast Asia while serving in the Vietnam War.  Not only do these pieces hold significant sentimental value as gifts from our founder’s grandfather, but they also provided inspiration for the direction that we have taken in designing our physical healing space.  

Massage Therapy itself has its roots in Eastern traditions.  The earliest history of Massage Therapy dates back to 3000 BC in India.  Many cultures have contributed knowledge and modalities to Massage therapy, and over the centuries, it has become a true cross-cultural healing art form.  Here at Blazing Lotus, our intention is to pay homage to and honor the cultures that have helped bless humanity with the miracle of Massage Therapy.  Our goal is to treat the cultures we have chosen to celebrate in the Healing House with the utmost respect and gratitude for their contribution to the world.  We would never seek to appropriate or erase the origins of any of the items we feature here, and will always do our best to display artwork and cultural pieces in the most authentic, sensitive and respectful way possible.  

We have four treatment rooms here at Blazing Lotus Healing House:  India, Tibet, Japan and Thailand.  The decor of each treatment room features original and genuine articles obtained from each room’s namesake country, and we have sought to exclude decorative items that do not represent the namesake culture from each room wherever possible. Great care has been taken to accurately portray and give acclaim to these cultures.  Because spirituality is so closely interwoven with culture in many instances, you will find pieces of religious significance occasionally throughout the house.  We have displayed these pieces as reverently as possible, and have provided information on each religious icon and its cultural relevance via small wall plaques located next to each piece.  Our intention is never to absorb and obscure the origins of the items displayed in the Healing House, but always to seek a higher understanding and appreciation of the cultures that have enriched our world.

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