Spa Packages

Relax, Hydrate, Exfoliate, & Detoxify with our Blazing Lotus Flower Packages! 


“The Deluxe Specialty”

2 hour signature massage + hot stones + hot towels + customized aromatherapy + coconut scalp massage + complimentary gift

Go all out with this 120 minute Signature Massage with the works – Hot Stones, Hot Towels, and Aromatherapy! This deluxe combination will put your mind, body and spirit into a state of total relaxation and bliss. Experience a luscious Coconut Scalp Massage that will leave you tension free and floating out the door.


“Athlete’s Recovery”

90 min deep tissue massage + assisted stretching + “muscle rescue” luxury enhancement + customized aromatherapy + complimentary gift

Relax and restore your body for optimal training performance. 90 minutes of Deep Tissue Massage plus assisted stretching will reach deep muscle layers to release chronically tight tissues that are prone to overwork. Biofreeze alternated with Hot Towels enhances the therapeutic experience by bringing chill and warmth to aching, sore muscles and joints. Cups are used throughout the session for targeted tension relief, increasing blood circulation and detoxifying the muscles, all topped off with customized aromatherapy. *Cupping can leave visible marks on the skin lasting for several days.


“Pep in Your Step”

60 min integrative massage + 30 min lower leg & foot massage + hot stones + salt foot scrub + customized aromatherapy + complimentary gift

Feel a bit of pep in your step after this foot focused treatment! This treatment includes 60 minutes of Integrative Massage with the deeply relaxing enhancement of Hot Stones plus 30 minutes of focused massage work on the Lower Legs and Feet. To top it off, relax into a Salt Foot Scrub enhancement with hot towels and magnesium loaded Epsom salt. Customized Aromatherapy full of citrus and mint will uplift your spirits!


“Balanced Bliss”

90 min integrative massage + hot stones + coconut scalp massage + customized aromatherapy + complimentary gift

Enjoy this deeply luxurious treatment of 90 minute Integrative Massage with the relaxing enhancement of Hot Stones. A mind melting hot coconut oil scalp massage will deeply nourish your scalp and hair. Customized Aromatherapy will set the scene of a goddess’s garden to bring you into your divine bliss.


“The New You”

90 min integrative massage + dry skin brushing + hot towels + customized aromatherapy + complimentary gift

Feel like the NEW YOU with this refreshing treatment. Your session starts out with the long strokes of Dry Skin Brushing, increasing blood flow in your body, detoxifying your muscles and lymphatic system, and exfoliating your skin. 90 minutes of Integrative Massage with Hot Towels will release tension in your muscles and improve range of motion. Customized Aromatherapy including eucalyptus and peppermint will brighten and inspire you throughout your massage.


“Mother Dearest”

90 min prenatal massage + hot stones + customized aromatherapy + coconut scalp massage + complimentary gift

Take some time for yourself today! Enjoy a lovely pampering in this 90 minute Prenatal Massage. Hot Stones are used throughout your session to release tight muscles and comfort your soul as they sooth you into deep relaxation. Our Coconut Scalp Massage relieves the last bit of stress, leaving you in a total state of bliss. Throughout the session, Customized Aromatherapy for expecting mothers will comfort you with scents of sandalwood and lavender.


“Stretch & Release”

90 min thai massage + thai reflexology + hot towels on feet + customized aromatherapy + complimentary gift

Expand your body and relax your mind in this 90 minute Thai Yoga Bodywork treatment. This beautiful flowing form of bodywork improves your range of motion, increases circulation, and brings you into a state of profound relaxation. Traditional Thai Foot Reflexology will enhance your experience with targeted massage on reflexology points with the use of traditional wooden Thai reflexology tools, topped off with hot steamy towels wrapped snugly around the feet.  Customized Aromatherapy will help you leave feeling rested, rejuvenated, and clear.


“Deep Restoration”

60 min ashiatsu massage + 30 min head neck & shoulders massage + hot stones + “muscle rescue” luxury enhancement + customized aromatherapy + complimentary gift

The slow, deep ashiatsu massage combined with 30 minutes of dedicated focus on the head, neck and shoulders will soothe away any soreness in your body, break down knots and improve your flexibility. Customized Aromatherapy, hot steamy towels, cupping, and hot stones will all be incorporated for a totally mind-melting and body-freeing experience. 


“Head to Toe Relief”

30 min head neck & shoulders massage + 30 min lower leg & foot massage + assisted stretching + warming massage oil & hot towels on neck / feet + customized aromatherapy + complimentary gift

Find balance in your body again with this 60 minute therapeutic massage combined with assisted stretching. This treatment is perfect for targeting specific areas of chronic pain. Humans most often carry tension in the upper and lower areas of the body and this treatment specifically targets those problem areas. The treatment is enhanced by customized Aromatherapy, Hot Towels and Warming Massage Oil.  This massage session is sure to bring you deep relief from your head down to your toes.

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Every massage includes one free enhancement. Choose from hot stones, hot towels or aromatherapy. (Choosing a signature massage includes all 3 enhancements, one still being free.)

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