Paige’s Reviews


Great! My husband and I both had great experiences during recent massages. The environment was very warm and inviting. The Covid precautions made us feel comfortable. I had prenatal massage with Paige. She made me feel relaxed and at ease. My husband said TJ was able to meet his deep tissue desire for some of the knots he had from running.
Olivia T.

“I had a 120 minute integrated massage and added another 30 minute focus on legs and feet. I was in heaven. Paige was a terrific therapist. She used a variety of techniques and therapies. Very skilled. I’ll be back!”

Sylvia S.

“I finally got to redeem my Valentine’s gift and it was well worth the 7 month wait! I feel amazing after my hour and a half goddess rose package! Paige was amazing! Thank you so much! Feeling beautiful💜” 

Angie S.

“Today at Blazing Lotus, I had a wonderful experience. it was very professional from start to finish. At the receptions desk Spencer was very attentive to our comfort. The environment was very calming and peaceful. The therapist, Paige, was very professional and helpful. The hot rocks were wonderful!!!! The free gift to new clients topped it all off! I would highly recommend this to everyone!!”

Diane C.

“My husband and I came to Asheville for our anniversary. We booked 90 minute massages – orchid and rose. We’ve had treatments at resorts (including Grove Park Inn), cruise ships, etc… We both had a fantastic experience! Paige and TJ are very talented! My husband and I both said we felt like we had a “real massage” for once. Highly recommend!!!”

Karen S.

“Very lovely people and the place just gives off good, healing energy. I enjoyed my massage with Paige. She worked on everything I asked for and gave me advice for at home care for my feet. Thank you for the wonderful experience!” 

Melisha M.

“I recently had a wonderful massage experience with Paige at Blazing Lotus! She was thorough, responsive, and knowledgeable, and she gave me a tip for self care at home for my shoulder. I left in a wonderful state.”


Paige and Spencer were delightful and professional in every way. I could not be more pleased about how beautifully I was treated as a first-time, out of town customer.”

Eric H.

“Booked based on the great Google reviews and oh my goodness were they right! Everything was absolutely perfect! We did the premium couples massage, 90 minutes. Best couples massage we’ve ever had. The hot stones and hot towels were the perfect temperature. The therapists (TJ & Paige) were quiet and respectful but understood exactly how much pressure, focus areas, etc we needed. After the session they spent a few minutes going over what they noticed about our bodies and gave tips on posture to help with problem areas. Ambient air temp was perfect. Music volume was perfect. All the little things I’ve had issues with other spas in the past were not issues here! Couldn’t recommend enough.”

Jacob M.

“Woweee! My boyfriend and I just left our couples massage with Paige and Kristen. Both of us agree…after having massages all over Asheville, this one was the best we’ve had. My right shoulder has been giving me problems for the last few months from a combination of my job and life-long scoliosis. Paige knew exactly what she was doing and she nailed the trouble spots. My shoulder hasn’t felt this loosely-goosey all year! Thanks guys, we’ll be back :)”

Chelsea B.

“My husband and I went here when we were in Asheville for our wedding on Oct 6 2018. The place is so beautiful and relaxing. We had Amberly and Paige and they did a fantastic job. I wish I lived closer so I could go back! Highly recommend.”

Jessie C.

“My partner and I are on vacation in Asheville. Earlier today, I had the brilliant idea to get massages while we are here. I did some brief research and found this place. It was close and had good reviews so I was sold. We got a little lost along our way. When we called to give them a heads up that we would be late, they were friendly and understandable. We arrived and were greeted by a friendly lady whose name that I don’t remember. She offered us water or tea and before we knew it, our masseuses were there. The massages themselves were brilliant. Each massage artist made sure to adapt their styles to our needs. We both left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Paige and Kelly are truly wonderful. After the massages, Kelly took the time to give my partner some thorough advice on how to treat the tightness in her shoulders. If we lived in Asheville, we would be regulars.”

Ally G.

Paige and the whole staff were fantastic. I walked in with a tension headache and they were able to schedule me that day for a 30 minute shoulder, neck, and head massage. The environment was relaxing and I enjoyed the interior decor. I would highly recommend Paige.  She had a calm demeanor and skillful technique. If you are in Asheville, make some time to pamper yourself at Blazing Lotus Healing House.”

Gabe P.

 “My wife and I have treated ourselves to a yearly anniversary massage for the past 12 years. This is the first experience that, not only would we book again, but we would (and have!) recommend to friends, family, and/or co-workers. Paige and Saskia were both very professional, yet down to earth, friendly, and truly interested in customer service. Thank you both for the excellent service and massage. We will be back!”

Kenny C.

“I was gifted the Sunflower package. I went in to see Paige and she was awesome!! I enjoyed the entire visit.”

Marnie F.

“I just wanted to thank Paige for her excellent massage.  I greatly appreciated the multi-modal approach and attention to detail.  She was very thoughtful and patient centered.  As a clinician myself I can vouch that for Paige’s clinical and technical acumen.  She is very calming and provided a very comfortable experience. I only wish she lived in Richmond so I could have her as my therapist!”

Levi P.

“Go see Paige! This is a lovely space in an older house. I enjoy the setting– it’s a relaxed vibe to go up the wooden staircase into what was once a bedroom for your massage. Each massage comes with hot stones, hot towels, cupping and aromatherapy woven into the treatment for no extra charge! That’s a lovely offering to their clients.Everyone here is exceptionally nice. They moved our appointments to a different time in the same day and seemed happy to do it. Paige is an excellent therapist. She’s strong, with a confident touch, and really takes care of you. I recommend her highly!”

Sara J.

“Great experience at the Blazing Lotus. We had a couples massage with Paige and TJ – Very relaxing experience, very knowledgeable massage therapists. They each worked specifically to our needs and pressure preferences. Cupping, hot stones, and hot towels were also offered free of charge with any massage, and it was worth it!Afterwards Paige and TJ met us downstairs with hot tea and water. They both had recommendations for day to day exercises to help work on posture because we both work in office settings. Highly recommend.”

James W.

“My partner and I scheduled a 60 minute couples’ massage with T.J. and Paige. We both agree that we’ve never had a better massage experience anywhere else. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the receptionist (I’ve forgotten her name) who was very easygoing and friendly and happy to answer all our questions about her experience living and working in Asheville. As we filled out the requisite paperwork, T.J and Paige greeted us in the lobby, and asked about our individual needs. They worked hot stones, aromatherapy, hot towels, and cupping into the massage at no extra charge, and it made so much more of a difference than I was expecting. After the massage, we were offered water and hot tea, which I enjoyed quite a lot. We did a lot of browsing, trying to pick the right massage parlor, and I’m so glad we decided to go with Blazing Lotus. Highly recommended!”

Amy T.

“My partner (whose review is probably right beside mine) and I chose Blazing Lotus at first because of their very well designed and enticing website, and the sheer versatility of their massage work; incorporating hot stones, hot towels, essential oils, and cupping free of charge. Dollar per dollar, not only is this the best deal as a couples massage in Asheville, but puts you under the care of some of the best massage therapists we’ve ever worked with.
I cannot recommend TJ and Paige enough. They did incredible work with us that’s had lasting effects on our energy, breath, and posture. Everyone here is extremely friendly, even going so far as to wait with water for us at the bottom of the stairs after our massage was over. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Gabriel K.

“I am so glad that I went to Blazing Lotus!!! I have several back issues and this was only the second massage I have had. It truly was amazing!! Paige was excellent! I left feeling like a new person!! I highly recommend that all who need a wonderful and effective massage…..make an appointment at Blazing Lotus!!”

Jennifer M.

“The staff and therapists are very interested in helping you heal your body and feel your best. Marina and Paige were awesome and both genuinely kind and knowledgeable. My husband and I were both impressed. Whether you are looking for pure relaxation or using massage and bodywork as a tool for healing this is the place for you.”

Sharon S.

“Had a maternity massage with Paige during a couple’s massage and it was amazing. Highly recommend for any woman who doesn’t think there’s relief for those pregnancy pains! Feel so much better.”

Kathryn B.

Paige was absolutely amazing, attentive, and respectful. The whole experience was wonderful and everyone there was very kind. I will go back and refer my friends as well for future services.”

Kristy P.

“This place is amazing. Audrey is amazing at acupuncture and Paige gives the best message I’ve ever received. I couldn’t ask for more. you absolutely must go here, these people truly care about your health and just want a happy healthy planet. I just got out of acupuncture and I feel insanely good lol♥️♥️♥️”

Phil M.

“I’ve been having some shoulder joint pain basically because of too much paddling, weight lifting and other activity, so went in for the 30 minute upper body massage. Wish I had scheduled an hour because the 30 minutes was so wonderful. Really, really helped ease the pain. I can’t recommend Paige too highly!”

Paul B.

“I work in manufacturing and it takes a serious toll on my body. I was elated to book a last minute, same day appointment for some much needed self care. Do not let Paige’s small stature fool you! She has magic hands! Every experience I’ve had at BL has been extraordinary. Wish I could give you all more than 5 stars.”

Gryffin N.

“My 15 year-old son and I enjoyed an afternoon massage by T. J. and Paige in adjacent rooms upstairs. Convenient walking distance from many attractions in downtown Asheville, the Blazing Lotus Healing House is a relaxing get-away. From the friendly receptionist to the attentive massage therapists, all the staff was pleasant and helpful, doing their best to make this a fully enjoyable experience. Water prior to the massage, hot tea made from their own blends after the massage, and truffles before or after all added to the sense of being pampered. The massage therapists (T.J. and Paige) focused their arts on the areas each of us specified during a short interview immediately preceding the massage. Hot stones, cups, warm layers of towels, and various therapeutic oils added to the indulgence. Well worth the $85 per person price tag.”

Alice H.

“We got a couples massage while in town for the weekend. T.J. And Paige were our masseuses and did a fabulous job. It was very relaxing and well worth the money! They spent extra time to talk to us before and after and make us comfortable. Unlike most massages, this one included aromatherapy, hot stones, and cupping with no additional charge.”

Camden A.

“I’m a hard nut to crack. Paige was spot on.”

Things I liked:
– Deep tissue work
– Attention to detail
– Offering of tea afterwards
– Overall uniqueness of establishment
– Willingness to get us in on a busy Saturday

Things I did not like:

I can’t say that there is anything I didn’t like about Blazing Lotus.”

Cal S.

“This has to be by far one of the best places in Asheville to get a massage. There seemed to be a genuine regard for my body and health. I left not only relaxed but rejuvenated. Paige worked with me but it was clear that the culture of this place is one of body and soul. I will definitely be a returning client.”

Paul H.

“I had a wonderful prenatal massage with Paige and my husband had an equally wonderful massage with TJ. The atmosphere was incredibly relaxing and we will certainly be coming back!”

Lilly O.

“My wife and I were treated to a couple’s massage today at Blazing Lotus for the first time. It was an incredible experience. We felt like we were walking into someone’s home, treated with the utmost respect and professionalism from everyone there. The atmosphere and vibes were spot on. Our therapists, Karine and Paige were very intuitive to our needs and customized an amazing experience. We will definitely be back and referring Blazing Lotus to all our friends!”

Ronnie G.

“This was our first time in Asheville and I wanted to surprise my husband with a re-do of our honeymoon (which was awful). From the minute we walked in the door, everyone was so wonderful. We were greeted with a friendly face and conversation. We had Paige and T.J. They were seriously amazing. They were both very easy to talk to and friendly. With it being my husbands first time, Paige was awesome with him. T.J is definitely the best masseuse I’ve came across. Hopefully we can make this an often trip! LOVED our visit!”

Victoria P.

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