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Willow Bittner

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My practice of bodywork began in 2001 with a year-long internship in therapeutic touch and energetic listening. After moving to Seattle Washington I realized I wanted to deepen my understanding and approach to the body and subsequently attended and graduated from Brenneke School of Massage in 2003. I found myself particularly inspired by the physiology classes and Brenneke and went on to attain a degree in molecular biology from the University of Washington and later to teach anatomy and physiology at Cortiva massage school in Seattle. It is my continual goal to develop and refine my skills of listening, treatment and connection in order to meet each client and their body where they are and facilitate greater ease on a holistic level. While my practice draws influence and inspiration from a wide array of modalities, I often gravitate towards an integrated blend of trigger point, positional release, craniosacral therapy and Swedish and my style is often described and flowing, connected, deeply gentle, nurturing and intuitively effective. Ultimately, I find the greatest effect comes from a present, heart-centered massage that is firmly grounded in the science of the body. I look forward to working with you!

T.J. Grant

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I grew up in Michigan where I earned a BA in Philosophy.  The travel bug bit me and I made my way down to South America where I lived for 4 years.  While there I worked on social projects in the communities, along with seeking adventure!  When I came back to the US I worked in wilderness therapy for at-risk youth.  I discovered yoga while living in Argentina, which led me to a serious meditation practice.  Working in the wilderness got me more interested in shamanism, and I have studied that tradition for 5 years.  My active life led to my shoulders becoming increasingly injured.  I saw a physical therapist, but didn’t finally get the full use of my shoulders back until I went to massage school.  I graduated from the Therapeutic Massage program at Mayland Community College in 2015.  I was astonished at how much massage was able to do for me that neither yoga, nor physical therapy had been able to accomplish in 4 years!  I completed a Reiki 2 course, and continue to be interested by how trauma, stress, and energy can get lodged in peoples’ muscles and posture.  My starting point for massage is the relaxing Swedish techniques.  But I also love doing deep tissue work, and like doing detailed work around an injury or trouble area, if that’s what people want.  I use combinations of relaxing strokes, and trigger point release, as well as myofascial release.  I like using some Trager techniques to release and relax muscles, and Shiatsu to invite in altered states of consciousness and profound relaxation.  I look forward to working with you.

Tifphanie Camp

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I became a Massage Therapist in San Francisco, CA, in 2005, after completing a certification in Zen Shiatsu. Learning Shiatsu and studying Traditional Chinese Medicine provided a valuable framework for the art of working with the body and it’s natural energy systems. Soon after, I began my training in CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute.  As I  began to practice my new skills with my clients, I excitedly watched my work evolve and grow, and my subjects reaped tangible benefits from the work we did together.  After moving to Texas in 2007, I completed a Swedish massage certification and received training in Deep Tissue massage from the Lauterstein-Conway School.  I received my Texas massage license in 2008 and grew a successful private practice over ten years in Austin, TX.   In addition to my private practice, I had the valuable experience of working with a gifted Chiropractic Neurologist for three years, refining my abilities in CranioSacral Therapy and structural and postural bodywork.  In June of 2018, my husband and I relocated to Asheville for new adventures.  My North Carolina Massage and Bodywork Therapy License was approved July 6, 2018.  My work is an intuitive blend of  deep and integrative massage, using Reiki and the subtle listening of CranioSacral Work to support release of tension patterns and correct asymmetries in the body, while initiating relaxation and rest.  As one releases and relaxes, the restorative energies of the body can be unlocked, allowing for healing and growth, artistry, and enjoyment, restoring access to one’s more natural state.  This is why I love bodywork.  This is the miracle of what we do, and what makes it so necessary.   I am a yogi, a nature lover, and a natural medicine buff.  I live in South Asheville with my husband, Ryan, and our two dogs.  I look forward to meeting you.

Willow Card

LMBT #16974  My Schedule | My Reviews

I’ve been working professionally in the healing arts for more than a decade. I’ve practiced bodywork, dance, percussion, yoga and Qi Gong throughout the United States . I started my journey at a very special massage school here in Asheville called North Carolina School of Natural Healing back in 2007. We were introduced to the importance of a personal cultivation practice which provided a beautiful path to learning about myself as I transformed into the healer I knew I wanted to become. In my training, I began to understand the power of presence and intention. 

Through those beginning years I’ve been trained in Swedish, reiki, Thai, myofascial release, lomi-lomi, cranial sacral as well as deep tissue massage. In 2016, I continued my training with a more therapeutic approach to massage. I received 464 hours of training in Trigger Point Therapy with Jim Freeman at Asheville- Buncombe Technical College. That is when I started getting people out of pain. Since then I started a four year Masters program in Chinese Medicine. I’m studying Acupuncture, Tui-Na, Herbalism, Food Therapy, Fire Cupping , Moxibustion and more. 

My journey has led me to recognize the importance of therapeutic massage to all who are in need. I am currently working with horses at a local stable in Fairview. I work with the horses on structural imbalances that occur in the head, neck and shoulder and lumbar region. These issues are due to overtime saddle wearing. They say a horse has five hearts; their four legs and the heart in the chest. Stretching and massaging the legs is a crucial part of a healthy, strong horse. It is truly magical to release trigger points in the lower lumbar of a horse friend. They have their way of showing you gratitude and loyalty. 

Through the practice of meditation, touch and a spiritual education, I found passion in the art of healing. I’d love to be a part of your healing journey.

Sam Spinuzzi 

LMBT #15693  My Schedule | My Reviews

Healing touch is a human right. I practice bodywork to promote health and resilience which is essential for personal life and community. My goal with each client is to assist the integration of their internal and external landscapes by providing pain relief, relaxation, and safety. I received a B.S in biology in 2011 and began practicing massage in 2016. My proficiencies lie in prenatal, deep tissue, cupping, trigger point, myofascial, and Swedish. I can reach those deep painful places or bliss you out with a scrumptious foot scrub and scalp massage.

Philip Corbin

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I believe that most folks these days, especially in our culture, are deficient in safe, compassionate touch and it is my honor to spend a little time with people in a way that positively promotes their physical and emotional health. I have been a massage therapist since graduating from Savannah school of massage in 2008.  Since then, my life has taken me on many adventures across the country and back again but my work continues to be inspired by the simple idea that YOU, the client, are at the center of each session. Combining years of practiced intuition with structural awareness and a range of techniques, from subtle to deep, I approach each session with the intention to facilitate tangible, positive change. I enjoy giving a muscles-specific massage that incorporates a blend of Swedish, myofascial, deep tissue and trigger point therapies.  My patient and deliberate style reflects my belief that giving a body time and space allows for deeper relaxation of the tissues and nervous system.

I look forward to working with you!

Sierra Parsons

LMBT #15635  My Schedule | My Reviews

Massage and bodywork is a wonderful way to relax and recharge.  The body is so marvelously intelligent, and it is my honor to facilitate health and healing.  I sincerely enjoy listening to the body and allowing it to guide my work.  I tailor every treatment to your individual needs and do my best to take in the whole picture for maximum benefit.  Studying the body and healing has been a lifelong journey that began with yoga teacher training in 2011 which led to my decision to study massage in 2012.  I have been a licensed massage therapist in Kentucky, Colorado, and now North Carolina.  On the eve of ten years of practice I am filled with gratitude for my training.  My work is therapeutic while being deeply relaxing. I love doing slow deep work as well as range of motion stretching.  I have studied Thai Massage, trigger point, and fascial release.  I look forward to inspiring you to gentleness and compassion within.

Duncan Reuning 

LMBT #18042  My Schedule | My Reviews

At age 16, I had my first opportunity to participate in a wilderness immersion program; it lasted for nine months and it woke me up. This awakening showed me that life is about connection and community, that nature feeds my soul, and that I could find purpose in helping others. Before becoming a massage therapist, I spent four years as a therapeutic guide for one of the area’s top wilderness rehab programs. Helping others heal from their trauma and addiction taught me the value of intuition, clear intentions, and empathetic listening. Turns out these skills have all transferred well and now serve to guide my massage practice.

In 2015 I graduated from Asheville’s Center for Massage and Natural Health, a solid foundation but just the starting point for what I continue to learn about bodywork. My approach begins with careful listening to you; whether you need deep trigger point work or a lighter more energetic flow, I tailor the session to meet your needs. I draw from different massage modalities, including Gua Sha, cupping, deep tissue or energy work when indicated. In each session I seek to create an opportunity for you to tune in to your own body more fully. Whatever pain you feel, be it physical or emotional, is a message sent from your body; my job is to help you listen to that message. I may not be the most articulate massage therapist in the world, but knowledge comes in many forms, far deeper than words. We humans know more than we can ever say and my greatest fluency is in the kinesthetic language of touch.


Amberly Calloway

LMBT #08495  My Schedule | My Reviews

I love what I do, and I look forward to meeting you. I embarked on the career of massage therapist in 2005, but the healing arts called to me many years earlier. I was born in the mountains of northern Idaho, lived a year in Hawaii, and mainly raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina. As child I would intuitively put my hands over areas of other’s pain until it dissipated. I grew to embrace hands on massage as a another way to help friends and family. After my UNC-Chapel Hill graduation and several years of corporate life in Asheville, I could no longer resist the call of the sea and of adventure. Upon massage school graduation, I sailed around the world for nearly seven years on private yachts. Thru the years I lived in Spain, New Zealand, India, and St. Marten, to name a few, and sailed the South Pacific, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and across the Atlantic twice. As a full-time massage therapist, I then lived by the sea for the next 7 years in the warm Virgin Islands, where I worked at the Caneel Bay Resort and brought my massage table and business to homes, villas and yachts across and around the island of St. John.

More recently, the healing energies of these beautiful North Carolina mountains have brought me home. I love giving the more relaxing massages needed by so many suffering from debilitating stress and anxiety, and also doing deeper injury and trauma-recovery work. I focus our sessions on your goals, needs and comfort. My work incorporates multiple modalities including the relaxing deep flow of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, the stretching or myofacial release of tissue, the holding of trigger points with neuromuscular therapy, the gentle but powerful cranial sacral work, the hands on and off energy work, foot reflexology and of course more specific Deep Tissue work. Healers of Hawaii, the Caribbean, India, Thailand and US have influenced my massage work. All sessions are tailored for You with options of hot stones, cupping, aromatherapy and hot towels. While some people need a gentle touch and space, others need significantly more pressure and specific targeted work. I like to offer either. I look forward to being a part of your journey to a better and stronger you.

Suki Bauer

 LMBT #18556  My Schedule | My Reviews

A forever learner and closeted science nerd, I have studied a variety of bodywork therapies including Swedish, Deep tissue, Myofascial, Craniosacral, Shiatsu, Hot stone, Sports and Prenatal. The vast benefits of therapeutic touch as well as the continuous discovery of the healing potentials of our human bodies drives me forward on my path of evolution. For me, sessions are one of a mutual partnership with my client- I enjoy crafting an integrative experience, aiming to pair requested areas of focus with the body’s innate knowing.

My work is intuitive and comprehensive to creating nurturing, relaxing and productive treatments. I love to delve into the nooks and crannies of your tissues, freeing the bound stagnancies, and facilitating more ease and joy within your body. As a therapist, I bring the values of compassion, allowance, professionalism, healthy communication and grounded presence into my practice. I look forward to working with you and catering to your body’s needs!

Travis Jackson

LMBT #4393 My Schedule | My Reviews

I grew up in North Carolina and fell in love with these mountains when I went to summer camp in the Pisgah National Forest when I was 10 years old. To me massage and bodywork is one of the most natural things in the world. As a young child I remember relieving my cramps at recess by curling my fingers under my ribs, pressing into my diaphragm and slowly breathing until I could take a deep breath without pain. In 2002 I moved to Asheville, attended the Center for Massage and Natural Health and have been practicing massage and bodywork professionally since 2004. Over the years I have worked with many thousands of people with needs ranging from stress reduction to helping them manage and alleviate their specific complaints of pain and dysfunction. In 2017 I began teaching Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Postural assessment and Clinical Bodywork at a local community college. Helping people find a way out of pain and giving them the tools to care for themselves is a passion of mine that I find exciting and deeply rewarding.  I specialize in Orthopedic massage, careful clinical Bodywork, pain-free deep tissue and working with people seeking results that they can see and feel. I believe that most people’s pain has a soft tissue component that can be addressed non-invasively and that sometimes even potential surgeries can be avoided through informed soft-tissue therapy and self-care.  I am attuned to Reiki 1, 2 and 3 and love to include energy work during sessions when requested. I also volunteer weekly doing massage and Reiki with autistic children, adults and their caregivers through the local nonprofit organization Arms Around ASD. In my free time I love to receive massage and bodywork, dance to live music, hike, camp, snowboard and hang out with my cat, dog and children.

Kelsey Neby

LMBT #19358  My Schedule | My Reviews

I began my Massage journey in 2015 at the Pacific College of Health and Sciences in San Diego, California. In my eagerness to learn, I obtained my Associate Degree of Applied Sciences in Massage Therapies. I am originally from Wisconsin and in a vortex of fate, I moved to Asheville in 2019. My passion to become a healer has always been a driving force in my life. I have a therapeutic approach to massage that is customized to the individuals’ needs and goals. Specializing in Tui Na (Chinese medical massage), Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Circulatory techniques to facilitate the healing process. My goal as a Massage Therapist is to assist with soft tissue tension, stress management, increased range of motion, and an overall improved quality of movement. I hope to work together with my clients to achieve goals and develop treatment plans that are realistic and obtainable. In addition to massage, I also practice Reiki, for those seeking energetic balance, healing, and relaxation. I am a crafter at heart and a healer by nature. I look forward to working with you. 

Annie Seward

LMBT #17273  My Schedule | My Reviews

I truly enjoy helping others to feel at home in their body. My journey with massage began after many adventures in healthcare as an EMT first responder, an herbalist, and a birth assistant for home births. I find our human physiology endlessly fascinating, and practicing bodywork grants me the gifts of connection, curiosity, and awareness.

In session, I aspire to effectively meet any therapeutic goals, while always yielding that floaty feeling that makes massage so parasympathetically magical. I have an affinity for working with folks who experience chronic pain. In 2017, I attended the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, focusing on sports massage with Mike McGillicuddy. This training led me to develop a solid foundation in Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Cupping. Since then, I have been investigating the worlds of Thai Massage, Shiatsu, and Reflexology; including an Advanced Thai Massage Certification with Jill Burynski. I find floor mat bodywork to be deeply satisfying; providing detailed work encased in an experience of whole body integration. Over the past few years, I have also been playfully learning how to read palms and am happy to weave this into a session when asked.

I am grateful to live amongst these weathered old mountains, and my studies in plant medicine focus on Southern Appalachian flora and ethnobotany. I have a rich home life in a lovely backwoods holler where I tend a garden, an apothecary, and the cutest little cattle dog you ever did see.

Stephen Lefebvre

LMBT #15918.  My Schedule | My Reviews

My healing journey began when I started Massage Therapy school in 2015 at Isothermal Community College in Columbus, NC. I was excited to learn about the body and ways to ease physical discomfort.   Our training included Craniosacral Therapy (CST), and one day the instructor used me for the demonstration. Afterward I felt more grounded, and more present in my body than I had in a long time. In March 2013 I experienced a grand mal seizure due to alcohol detox.  Since the seizure I had felt something I could only describe as being “disconnected from myself “. I realized that I was beginning to heal from this after one small CST session, and a completely new world of healing opened  for me.  I began studying Crainiosacral Therapy in 2018 and it has added an energetic,  accepting and compassionate element to my practice.

Each session is uniquely about You. My technique is a blend of slow detailed strokes, Myofascial stretching, Trigger Points, Deep Tissue and compressions. I also offer full CST sessions for a deeper intuitively internal experience. These sessions are typically done wearing comfortable clothes and laying flat on the table, with whatever accommodations you need. My role is to facilitate You and Your journey with gentle hand placements, holding a space for you to quietly go within. Generally one experiences a deep sense of relaxation and well being.

Besides my passion for the Healing Arts, I really enjoy being out in nature. The WNC area is amazingly beautiful.  My favorite hikes are on any of the balds. Being up there and experiencing the complete openness is a wonderful feeling and I love it!

I look forward to meeting and working with You all, both local residents and those visiting this unique area.  

Molly Keener

LMBT #15818  My Schedule | My Reviews

I have been an artist my entire life… drawing, painting, creating, and always studying the human body from a structural perspective. That attention to detail and process has flowed into and informed my massage practice. Drawing the skeletal and muscular systems propelled me to further study the workings of our bodies.

My journey with the healing arts began in 1999, when I had the opportunity to sit in on a series of Polarity Therapy classes in Columbus, Ohio. I come from a family background in massage, and was first introduced to the difference it can make in all of our lives during that time period. I learned early on about the amazing benefits of acupressure, trigger point therapy and energy work. I attended the Center for Massage and Natural Health in Asheville, NC, and have been a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist in the area since 2016. In that time, I have gotten to enjoy our out-of-town visitors as well as our local clientele. I especially enjoy when I get to see someone regularly, and witness the progress they are making on their healing journey! I have since become a Reiki practitioner, and also enjoy practicing Freedom Bodywork. I feel lucky to have been able to continue my learning in bodywork in Weaverville, NC with an instructor who studied directly under Dr. Milton Trager.

I listen to my clients in order to understand their needs and what they expect to gain from their sessions. I work to find the right pressure and appropriate techniques from my toolkit for each individual. I find it most effective to combine technical work with deep relaxation. I may also employ hot stones, hot towels, aromatherapy or cupping when desired.

Whether you are looking forward to drifting off into blissful relaxation, are seeking pain relief and increased range of motion, or desiring a prenatal massage for yourself or a loved one, I would be honored to be a part of your therapeutic experience.

Lisa Moore

LMBT #18558  My Schedule | My Reviews

I grew up in a small town in NC called Kannapolis.  I have lived in NC my entire life except for 7 glorious weeks I spent in NYC for Yoga teacher training.  I spent 20 years in Lake Norman near Charlotte before I moved to Asheville in 2019 where I attended Asheville School of Massage and Yoga.  I immediately felt at peace and a sense of belonging here.  I knew I would be calling Asheville home.  Prior to my Massage career I was a social worker and admin.  

When I discovered Yoga in 2009 it changed the whole direction of my life.   It was so healing in my own life that I wanted to share that with others which in turn eventually led me to Massage.  I loved helping students by sharing sequences that would help alleviate aches and pains in the body, but also to see the magic that it brought to their overall wellbeing.  The mind body spirit connection.  I wanted to continue to partner with individuals on their healing journey and found Massage as the path meant for me.  
I am passionate about holding space for you to experience the healing benefits of Massage; to partner with you on what you need in each session with ease and flow.    My intention is always to bring restoration for the mind, body and spirit in hopes that you feel light yet grounded in your body.  Massage skills I typically work with are: Intuitive Integrated massage, Deep tissue, Swedish, Relaxation coupled with myofascial techniques, as well as pulling and stretching.  Practical Reiki energy when requested.  

It is a gift to my soul for you to arrive on my table and be able to relax, relax, relax.  I look forward to connecting with you!   

Becca Burd

LMBT #15875 My Schedule | My Reviews

I was born and raised here in Asheville and have a deep appreciation for the richness of Appalachian culture and all that these mountains offer. This place has long been a retreat for those seeking to be well. And so naturally, I was drawn to the healthcare field from an early age. I spent many hours of my youth assisting my mother in elder care homes and attained my CNA licensure at the age of 17. While attending to my residents, I recall being fascinated by the Massage therapists who brought relief to those in rehabilitation and hospice care.

In fall of 2017, I acquired licensure as a massage and bodywork therapist. I tailor my sessions to meet each individual’s needs whether that be relief from chronic and acute pain or to find a deep sense of peace within. I incorporate the use of Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, and passive stretching to create space for the body to heal and the mind to regulate.

In my spare time I enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle full of hikes with my family, dancing and lots of time in the water. It is my passion to help you achieve an active and vibrant quality of life as well and I look forward to meeting you.

Jenna Shaw

LMBT #19841 My Schedule | My Reviews

I was introduced to massage at age 16 when I began receiving regular bodywork. I had been in a couple car accidents by this time and my body hurt! I quickly fell in love with not only how massage was healing my body but also how easy it was for the rest of the world to melt away each time I was on the table. Anxiety, stress, and time all seemed to be put on pause. I would drop into a deep state of mediation long before I really even knew what mediation was. From age 16 I would occasionally have thoughts that massage therapy could be something I was interested in pursuing in my life, but just wasn’t sure when. My massage therapist quite literally changed my life from a very early age!

After years of deepening my spiritual path and self-healing, I finally took the leap in 2021 and graduated from the Center for Massage and Natural Health. I am very passionate about this field of natural healing and hope that I can provide a safe space for you while playing a role in your journey. My style is a blend of relaxation massage, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy. I believe that it is important to calm the nervous system down in order to get the deep work done.

I also am currently working on getting fully trained in Ashiatsu (barefoot massage). This form of massage can potentially be up to three times deeper than regular hand massage. Soon I will be able to offer this service to you here at Wild Rose. My hope for each client is that they leave feeling a sense of wholeness, spaciousness, and awareness of self. I truly believe that through massage and self-healing we can create a better world. I hope I can be a vessel in providing you what massage has provided me over the years and look forward to working with you!

Ren Minish

LMBT #17115 My Schedule | My Reviews

Growing up in Florida, I was able to be a part of the Raw Vegan Culture.  I was a chef for two years at a wonderful café in Jacksonville called Shakti Life Kitchen, where I continued my endeavors into the world of healing.  This space helped me dive deeper into the intricate understanding of food as our medicine.  I became quite fond of herbal medicine during this time and was deeply encouraged by my self-guidance to acquire more herbal knowledge.  So, in September of 2010, I embarked on my biggest move yet to Asheville, where I started a nine-month program for Herbalism that became a cornerstone for the pathway into my healing journey.  At the French Broad Food Co-op, I worked for eight years honing closely on my herbal skills and learning from the local community around me as I worked in the Health and Beauty department, along with the largest bulk herb room in our region.  During this time, I also worked with the American Herbalist Guild for four years, a Non-Profit Organization which gave me a broader aspect of Professionals and Healers in the larger community of herbal medicine.  And in the mix of it all I felt called to broaden my horizons even more, wherein 2013-2014 I began my journey into massage and bodywork therapy during an amazing yearlong program at AB Tech.  My teacher was an Ayurvedic practitioner who also taught us the art of Thai Massage, along with many other modalities including Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Rhythmic Jostling, and Swedish Therapy. I am currently working toward acquiring all of my Thai Massage Certifications.

I would like to invite you to take a journey with me into this healing realm as I offer you my own therapeutic techniques.  I can help you unravel the stresses of your daily life, allowing you to move forward feeling deeply nourished and harmonious within your being.  I am honored to share with you the ability to thoroughly and consciously connect into your reality, to tap deeper within your own self divinity, and to recalibrate to your true nature.  My work is one of many connections to the divine dive within us.  To be with touch therapy is a gift for your entire being, not just the physical self, but also the mental-emotional-spiritual oneness. We seek and need healing each day whether we are conscious of it or not.

I take an intuitive integrative approach to Massage Therapy, working with the Holistic forms of Thai Table Massage, Deep Listening to the Tissues ( Deep Tissue ), Nourishment of the whole mind body emotions & spirit through relaxation techniques, and gentle rhythmic touch and movement.  I have been practicing massage therapy for 8 + years as well as herbalism and a holistic diet for the past 12 + years.  

Shea O’Brien

LMBT #20778 My Schedule | My Reviews

Apprenticeship style education found me promptly upon leaving the wooded northern lake region of New Jersey as a young man. Indigenous folk medicines, primarily of Peru and China, flooded and informed my life from then on. I have been studying and practicing massage and bodywork for over a decade, originally with an emphasis on Shiatsu (with Thai influenced stretching) and the applied wisdom and knowledge of four years alongside classical and Japanese acupuncturists in the classroom and clinic. This began an endeavor to see the body’s ability to heal through the lens of qi, the Japanese word for ‘energy’. I witnessed people’s ability to change and experience more vitality and freedom through holding points and watching my mentors needle.

After pursuing additional education to diversify my skills, I returned to the field with a kinetic chain recognition of the body, and a passion for specific, deep,  resolution-based massage. Although I appreciate my strengths in this area of the field, I have dedicated much of my time to the diversity of the healing arts and wish to meet you where you are each day, whether that is light or deep pressure, an invigorating or relaxing experience, general or specific work.

Outside of time offering massage and bodywork, I am a traditional ceremonialist, and you can find me plunging into the coldest and cleanest water I can find, practicing Systema, a Russian martial art, working with kettlebells, drinking gongfu tea, and most always consuming a bounty of medicinal raw foods. 

Ally Benson

Front Desk Associate

I’m honored to be a part of the Blazing Lotus team and to be in a nurturing space that facilitates healing. When I’m not at Blazing Lotus, I usually spend my time gardening, hiking, and reading science fiction. I’m here to help you have the best experience possible and assist you with anything you need!

Chelsey Lewis

Front Desk Associate

“I have recently made this space of North Caroline a home. I’ve spent most of my years living in NW Georgia and East TN and brief time throughout Europe and China.

My passions stem from understanding and connecting with all that is. I often spend my time reflecting and writing, creating intuitively through different mediums, working with plants, dancing, connecting with close ones, or watching niche horror. Goal being to experience as much of this as close to a mountain or water source as possible. 🙂

I’m grateful to have the experience of being on the Blazing Lotus team and warmly welcome your visit here.”

Paul Sellier

Front Desk Associate

I moved around a lot for most of my life, living in Europe and Asia, and am happy I made Asheville my home. I love nature and the mountains. I value self care and healing in my own life, and look forward to welcoming you at Blazing Lotus. I hope to help make your visit here a peaceful one. 

Jennie Gillis

Front Desk Associate / Assistant Manager

I grew up in southern California and moved to the beautiful Asheville mountains with my husband and our two cats in 2019. While living in California I explored just about every state and national park, spending most of my free time camping and hiking. I love nature and appreciate any opportunity to get outside. Since moving to WNC I have experienced all four seasons, found a new appreciation for simplicity and have met some of the most amazing people. When I’m not at Blazing Lotus you can usually find me curled up with a good book or tending to my many house plants. Relocating to Asheville was one the best decisions I’ve made. I’m so happy to call this place home.

Spencer Driscoll

General Manager

I grew up in the evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest and relocated to the Asheville area in 2019.  I have a background in spa management as well as in small-scale local organic agriculture. These two lines of work, though they may appear different at first glance, both feed my passion for healing — healing of people, and healing of the earth. I believe that self-care is our first line of defense in the chaos of the modern world, and that self-care looks not only like giving ourselves the gift of relaxation and restorative therapies, but also like taking care of our bodies through ethical nourishment that aligns our needs with the needs of our Mother Earth.  I believe in the positive ripple effect that massage therapy creates in our community by reducing stress and allowing people to feel nurtured and soothed.  In my spare time, I hide out on the family farm with my husband and daughter and enjoy reading copious amounts of sci-fi and fantasy fiction.

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